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As you may have figured out by now my name is Dave McEwan, I offer a full creative service, Graphic Design, Sign writing, Signage, Hot Rod Pin Striping, Art, and Illustration  based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, specifically Tauranga, and to be more specific Papamoa Beach.

What do I do?

Well, I draw stuff and I paint stuff and I design stuff. But in all seriousness I produce signage, graphic design, art, illustration in a variety of different styles and mediums to suit your project.

My Advanced Trade Qualification as a signwriter from back in the time of paint and brushes which allows me to offer a specialized service of traditional hand lettered signs to the Bay of Plenty area including Tauranga city, Papamoa, Mount Maunganui, Katikati, Te Puke, Whakatane and more.

Graphic Design and Illustration

Furthermore I can produce you a one-off illustration or design or a multi-image project.  Or I can design your company brand as a stand alone logo or depending on your requirements, produce a complete brand guide with a detailed plan of how your brand is to be used.

But lets not stop there, I can then help you to carry your new brand across your business into the signage that will represent your image in the public arena. Business cards, brochures and stationary, Signs for your vehicle(s), your premises, retail shop, factory, workshop, point of sale. You tell me how far you want to go.

Traditional Hand Lettered Signwriting & Pinstriping

Traditional hand painted signwriting is a craft that comes back into its own where computer graphics and stickers are not appropriate. In the case of a rendered or rough cast brick wall hand lettering is still often the best and most cost effective way to produce the sign.

Another example may be when creating a retro feel in a boutique style business or vintage restoration, be it a vehicle or building, computer graphics and stickers would compromise the traditional quality and feel that was trying to come to light.

Pinstriping & Scrolling

Primarily Hot Rod, vintage car enthusiasts and truckers who love a custom and authentic feel to their vehicles still embrace the option of hand painted lines and scrolls.  I use specialist imported paint design just for hand letting and hand pinstriping.  

Vinyl Graphics

Dmac Studio can also produce computer cut lettering and graphics.  A project may require a combination of old tech (paint and brushes) and new tech (vinyl graphics) is the right mix to creating the best result for the project.  

  Who do I do it for?

My clients vary from individual requiring a creative for a personal project to corporate companies. And everything in between. From time to time I do out source freelance work for other advertising and design agencies. 

What’s my background?

I have been working as a creative in one form or another pretty much since I left high school, Starting out as an apprentice sign writer, back in the day when signs were still painted with brushes by patient people. My apprenticeship was complete with NZQA Trade and Advanced Trade certificate in signwriting.

T-shirt artist

After a time working in the sign trade I moved onto the “In house artist”position at a T-Shirt printing company. Working in both of these industries created the foundation for my transition from the kid in the back of the class drawing strange pictures in the back of my school books (much to the disgust of my teachers), to the young man entering the professional world of a working creative.


Being a young rock’n’roll and heavy metal fan also exposed me to the wonderful world of Tattoo art. Tattooing and tattoo art soon became the main focus for my creativity and then my primary profession for the next twenty years. The professional tattoo industry is fast paced with extremely varied subject matter and clientele.  My ability to adapt from one style of design and client to another has been vital in a small population as we have in New Zealand.  Having the opportunity to develope these skills and experiences have proven to be invaluable time and time again. Also being able to translate a client’s idea into a complete image quickly and accurately. Resulting in a cool piece of art and a happy client.

Over the years many of my Tattoo clients would come to me asking if I could create their business signage, graphic design, commission an artwork, be it a painting or drawing.

 These side projects were everything from a hand produced finished art to company branding projects and everything in between. When I questioned my clients why they asked me to take on the project rather than the local design agency, the reply was always similar in the respect that they felt that I could hit the mark of what they were after quickly and efficiently.

The here and now

While I still love the art of tattooing and I am still a part of the industry although in a part time capacity. I came to realize that it is the process of creating that I truly enjoy. This could be signage, painting in oils, a digitally designed poster or brand project, basically anything creative. Bringing an idea to life and having a happy client is what is really about (and getting paid to do it too, can’t forget that). Dmac Studio is the next part of my evolution working as a creative.

Tell me about your idea and let’s see what we can do.

I Illustrate and Create…..





Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development
  • Brand management
  • Brochure, Poster Design
  • Business Card Design
  • Web Design

Sign Writing

  • Hot Rod Pin Striping
  • Traditional Hand Lettering
  • Poster Windows
  • Vinyl Graphics
  • Trade Vehicles
  • and more…
Commercial Illustration
  • Cartoon
  • caricature
  • Concept Illustration
  • Children’s Books
  • Info-graphics
  • and more…
Commission Art
  • Paintings Oil and Acrylic
  • Pencil Drawing
  • Cartoon
  • Caraciture
  • Colour Pencil
  • Murals
  • Automotive
  • Portrait
  • Fantasy Art 
  • and more…
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