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Howdy folks, thanks for stopping by,

As you may have figured out by now my name is Dave McEwan, I’m a car nut,  I can’t help it, I just am.  and I’m based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, specifically Tauranga.

What do I do?

Well, I draw stuff, I hammer stuff, weld stuff, I paint stuff and I design stuff. 

Traditional Hand Lettered Signwriting & Pinstriping

Traditional hand painted signwriting is a craft that comes back into its own where computer graphics and stickers are not appropriate. In the case of a rendered or rough cast brick wall hand lettering is still often the best and most cost effective way to produce the sign.

Another example may be when creating a retro feel in a boutique style business or vintage restoration, be it a vehicle or building, computer graphics and stickers would compromise the traditional quality and feel that is trying to come to light.

Pinstriping & Scrolling

Primarily Hot Rod, vintage car enthusiasts and truckers who love a custom and authentic feel to their vehicles still embrace the option of hand painted lines and scrolls.  I use specialist imported paint design just for hand letting and hand pinstriping.  


Being a young rock’n’roll and heavy metal fan also exposed me to the wonderful world of Tattoo art. Tattooing and tattoo art soon became the main focus for my creativity and then my primary profession for the next twenty plus years. The professional tattoo industry is fast paced with extremely varied subject matter and clientele.  


The here and now

I am still a full time professional tattoo artist I have started my Dmac Kustoms Youtube channel for a bit fun while I play cars and draw pictures


I Illustrate and Create…..