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Kustom Stuff By Dave

Kustom Kulture and Concept Artwork, Automotive shenanigan’s Make sure you get onto my Youtube channel and subscribe

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The Mission

I’ve been playin cars and drawing pictures my whole life and having a bit of fun combining the two.  I create Tattoo art on folk as my 9-5 business and occasionally get to tattoo petrolhead artwork on my clients, not as much as I’d like so I scratch that itch with my own artwork that I create, just because.  This site is just a place for my away from work stuff that I do.

I goof on drawing funky cool radical hot rods and customs for fun, I also goof on working on and building them, although building hot rods and kustoms does take longer.  My hobby has become my obsession, which happens every time I start a new project, large or small.

With that in mind, to say that 2020 was a year to remember is a bit of an understatement to say the least.  I imagine like many folk out there, I decided life is too short to be doing stuff you really don’t like doing and a fella should try having a bit more fun with the stuff one does like doing, am I right or what?  Soooo I decided to start documenting the stuff I like doing a bit better with my YouTube channel Dmac Kustoms.

I will still be taking on the odd commission for artwork and pinstriping etc, provided they fit with what I like to be doing.