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Price Guide

Follow the heading link to find out a bit more about my pricing.  Design packages are a basic start point and can be tailored to suit your specific needs.  Not to worry if what you need doesn’t fit into one of my basic packages, get in touch for a chat and I can give an individual quote.

Brand Graphic Design

Starting a new business or re-branding your existing business can be a daunting task for the many variables involved can be overwhelming.  Creating the image or “brand” for your business in the current business environment is critical now more than ever to create a lasting impression with your clients, customers or target audience.

A strong brand will remain with your customers and give you the edge to stay ahead.  Your brand is your business identity, it is the first contact your customers have with your business, first impressions count.

Brand and Logo Design Sample Selection


So what is a Brand?

A solid brand starts with a great logo, but it doesn’t stop there, too create a solid brand across your entire business we need to look at all avenues that your business will use the brand and imagery, starting with the logo’s initial identity and into stationary, promotional material, signage for your premises and vehicles, your online, website(s) and social media presence, even corporate wardrobe can carry your brand out onto the street. Dmac Studio loves to create logos and business/corporate identities. The process is structured to meet the needs of each individual client no matter whether you’re a sole trader, small business or a large company. I can also deliver brand guidelines to help maintain the integrity of the brand.

At Dmac Studio I understand that all of this is a lot to think about and not to mention pay for, with this in mind we can take the graphic design of your brand in stages and extend the scope as you require it.

Get in touch and let me know what you need, 


Posters and Advertising Material

The challenge of creating well structured graphic design to create visual impact or excitement in a design, while still retaining the message is sometimes a difficult balancing act. A design can be as simple as a bleeding flag too invoke an emotion, or as complex as an event poster with dozens of sponsors and other information vital to the event that must be included in the design.  

My aim here at Dmac Studio is to provide imagery for my clients that captures the attention of the intended viewer provoking the need to find out more….

Latest Projects:

Auto Electrical Services Pukekohe

The Brief:

Create a new brand with a retro automotive feel while still modern and sharp.

To be included in the brand was a series of vehicle illustrations to be used alongside a new logo for use in Web, Business cards, Vehicle and Street signage.

Great clients to work with, as they had a good idea of what they were looking for, but at the same time very open to new ideas.



Adventure Bike Hire Logo Design NZ
Make Space Rubbish and junks removal
Logo design New Zealand

L.A. Wellington Shipping Ltd

I had a blast creating this logo/illustration to represent the new player on the field.

The Brief:

The brief was just that “brief”  

Create a logo/design to be used for social media, business cards, stickers and textile printing.

Danny came to me having seen some of my automotive artwork and illustration, with a particular favourite being a 1959 Chevrolet Impala Vector illustration I drew in 2016. Other than that he was happy for me to do my thing, The one requirement was to include the vehicle illustration to be based on his own shop truck.  


Seed on Earth Wellington Project:

Many moons ago Seed on Earth came to requiring a business card designed. I created a wee design of a hydro seed truck spraying wild flowers onto the planet earth. Fast forward 16-17 years, Seed on Earth tracked me down requesting a new design for their cards as they felt the card I designed all those years ago was in need of an update. I had no idea that it was still in use.


The Brief:

Initially for an illustration for the front of the card depicting the many facets of the hydro-seeding process that SOE undertakes on a daily basis. Seed trucks, drainage culverts, road cut terraces and civil works.

Part two of the Brief: – The Brand

Finally an actual logo design to be used on truck signage, promotional material and stationary – the concept being based around a Tetrahedron and a surveyors contour drawing. The Tetrahedron is the geometric symbol for Silica. Silica is the binding agent used in the hydro-seed solution.  Also the client requested that a cutaway of soil be somehow included in the design.

WR Twigg, Project:

First of all the original brief for this project started out as a single cartoon illustration.  Shayne Giles D1 drift car was to be drawn as a cartoon to be used for promotional material at D1 drifting events.  The brief was soon extended to included a poster graphic design for the drift car, and consequently extended again to add sticker and T shirt designs.

As the stable of racing vehicles grows my brief continues to be extended to include the other sponsored cars, the race truck and more recently even a race boat.  My task was to create cartoon illustrations of all the vehicles for stickers and T-shirts and poster designs for the rest of the motor sport fleet sponsored by


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